About me


Hi, I’m Aline
I studied International Relations, worked in a Non Governmental Organization and now I am a cook? How is that possible? Let me tell you:
While I was working in a NGO and as my passion for cuisine grew up, I started to spend more time in my kitchen. I also made some internships in restaurants on my free time, until I decided to quit my job and start a new adventure in Cuisine!
Now, I got my first contract as a cook in a restaurant in Frankfurt, but I have so much to learn… That’s the first reason why, this blog came up. I will share on this blog my favorite and mastered recipes but also the French classic recipes that I want to learn.

The second reason for starting this blog is because I love making the food a star: I take food pictures and sometimes, I make recipe videos.

By the way, I’m French, I have been living in Madrid for 6 years and now here I am: living in Frankfurt with my partner.  So, a question came up: in which language should I write? I hope I was right when I chose English and that all of you can enjoy it.

And, why Lime & Cream? For their colors that I love, but also for the lime’s peps which I love adding to my dishes; and cream for the softness of my cuisine (French roots!)


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