PARIS-BREST (Conticini’s version)

Hi, As French classic, I had to try it. But I wanted to try the luxurious version: Philippe Conticini’s version! Have you ever been to his bakery la patisserie des rêves in Paris? I didn’t but I definitely have to go next time I’ll be in Paris! The original Paris-Brest is a circular shape choux (puff) pastry … Continue reading


Hi, How are you? I hope you’re fine and enjoying the sunny beginning of March! How is it for the readers of America and Australia? Here comes a recipe that I found a year ago on the fabulous website Food52. I already told you about this website. There, is the great online shop PROVISIONS, but above … Continue reading

Cozy Breakfast: Pancakes

Hi everyone! How are you? If, like me, you are thinking already about this weekend and want to prepare a Cozy Breakfast, pancakes are a very good solution. This recipe turns the usual breakfast in something special and festive. Your beloved ones will enjoy and adore you! Here I propose the pancakes with salty caramel, … Continue reading


Hi there, How are you? After the big dose of chocolate we had last week, I thought I had to share a savory recipe this time ;). This green Hummus is made from peas, but: don’t go away! It’s really good, even delicious (but I would like to try not to use so much this … Continue reading


Hi, Here we are, this is the last recipe of this Special Chocolate Week. I hope you enjoyed! I promise you more Special weeks! I have already ideas for the spring time! As it should be, we are finishing with the best: the MACARONS AU CHOCOLAT. But I have to confess: this recipe is not … Continue reading


Hi, A white chocolate recipe, I thought there had to be one, and I found this recipe interesting  with this lime and rum touch! Plus, coconut and lime combine very well. I already have a recipe with this combination of flavors: the Rochers Coco. It makes your sweets very fresh and light. Even my father … Continue reading


Hi, Want more chocolate? No worries, we have still 3 recipes to discover! In the last two weeks I baked a lot to prepare this special week. That was a pleasure to bake and eat those pastries, but this week I feel frustrated: all those pictures, all the recipes, but nothing in my kitchen any … Continue reading


Good morning, The first time I flipped through the Larousse du Chocolat by Pierre Hermé, this simple recipe caught my eyes. Baking homemade Sprits  tempted me. After trying it for the first time I could not believe how such a simple recipe could be so delicate and good. Plus, they are lovely with their W shape. … Continue reading


Hi everyone! This week we are beginning with something new on Limeandcream: the “Special Weeks”! Chocolate seems to be a good topic for it, don’t you think? As I said, I have a book from Pierre Hermé, this amazing Pastry Chef; but since I have started writing on this blog I haven’t shared one… what … Continue reading


Hi! How are you? As far as I am concerned, I’m fine and very enthusiastic: I have a surprise for next week. Be patient, you will know more about it tomorrow! Today’s recipe is not an complete dessert, but an important component for the French pastry lovers: LA PÂTE DE PRALINÉ. You will need it … Continue reading


Hi there, They are the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon tea! With their shell shape on one side, you’ve recognized them: the MADELEINES! Today I am sharing an orange blossom water version. Since I have tried it, I never came back to the traditional recipe. I really like this subtle flavor! One more secret: do … Continue reading


Hi! Here we are: valentine’s day! Are you ready? Have you bought or prepared a gift? Commercial or not, we cannot escape from this celebration. If you plan to organize a dinner at home to celebrate, or just because you cannot say no to a dessert, here comes an easy and quick recipe but delicious … Continue reading


Hi, I hope your week is going well! Here we are good: we are snowed under pastry. I know some of you will be jealous but no worries, the recipes will come soon. What a sacrifice that I have to make for this blog, isn’t it?! ;) Today, I am posting about a traditional French mignardise … Continue reading


Hello, These ‘mignardises’ are so good! How could I spend almost a year without baking them!? Fortunately, the molds turned up and I could bake some Cannelés last weekend. What I love about them: how crunchy there are outside but with a very tender and sweet heart! Reminds you of somebody? ;)     Ingredients … Continue reading


Hi, What is the most famous traditional French dessert??? I am sure, 80% of you would say: the CRÈME BRÛLEE! (I would say that too!) You may not believe that but it’s not my favorite (because of the milk), but recently I have been cooking new versions of it: lavender or rosemary honey and… do … Continue reading

Rump steak with carrots and oranges

Hi, I Hope you had a good weekend! Mine was great but too short (as yours, I’m sure ;)). I celebrated the Scottish Burns Night (25th of January) with whisky and the traditional haggis (this is not a Hobbit name.. it’s a Scottish pudding-like specialty, containing sheep’s pluck, minced with onions, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt – but not todays … Continue reading

The new year…so far!

Hello! The first half of January seemed so short because of the vacations in Thailand and the return to work! I hope everyone is having a good start to the year. Here comes culinary pics from our holidays in Thailand! No worries, I have already baked since I came back and I will publish the recipes … Continue reading


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