I have to say that I enjoyed preparing, cooking and baking for this Special Christmas Recipes. I would like to finish with one of the most simple but the one which is never missing at home for Christmas……(drumroll!!) LES BONBONS CARAMEL!     Ingredients: 150g sugar 150g cream 50g salted butter Instructions: Put the cream … Continue reading


Hello, How are you? Have you begun to buy the presents? I did! Such a performance!! ;) Here comes the famous gingerbread men! I love them! They are delicious and baking them always brings us such a good time, isn’t it? Let’s  meet Mr Gingerbread!       Ingredients (serves 8 pieces): Soft butter 40g Sugar: 55g … Continue reading


Hello! Today comes a French classic: The MACARON! For Christmas I tried some gingerbread macarons, but I kept the chocolate ganache for the inside because: chocolate is the best ;) Some tips and notes before we start with the recipe: – This recipe is done with a whipped ganache and an Italian meringue. – Separate … Continue reading


Hi! Two weeks before Christmas!! Is your menu already done? Here comes a delicious idea for a starter. It’s a Ranch-and -See and a cold-and-hot recipe! subtle, fine and so delicious! Louis went to Spain last week and could bring back the morcilla I need to prepare this dish; but you can also use black sausage. I … Continue reading

Christmas recipe: crunchy sesame chocolate

Hi everyone! For Christmas I recommend this nice chocolate recipe: it’s delicious and I love the way it looks! You can present it like a mini cake or like candies. Tell me:  what are you used to cook and bake for Christmas time? Do you usually have a  baking session with your friends or family? … Continue reading

christmas recipe: Candied orange /orangette

Hi! How was the first weekend of December? Did you go to the Christmas market? Have you decorated your house? Did you buy the first gift? In my case, I only had time to decorate the apartment. I will go to the Christmas market this week to have a glass of Glühwein (German mulled wine). … Continue reading

christmas recipe: gingerbread cake

The Christmas Market opened yesterday in Frankfurt so… Tachann! Christmas time can begin on Lime & Cream! I have to confess that I was waiting for that since quite a long time. I have never been so early in the Christmas mood and it feels so good ;)! Let’s begin this series of Sweet Christmas … Continue reading

Choux à la crème

Hello! Another classic of French cuisine and my grandfather’s favorite dessert: les choux à la crème!! And figure out: with the chou dough you can also prepare éclairs, chouquettes, gougères, profiteroles and religieuses!! Ingredients for the dough (24 pieces): 250ml water 100g butter 50g sugar 1 pinch salt 125g flour 4 eggs Instructions for the … Continue reading

Tortilla chips and avocado dip

Hello! I hope you’re having a nice week and have great plans for your weekend. If you are planing to organize a diner or if you are going to a party and have to bring some appetizer, this is for you. This recipe is new for me. I have made only twice but I think … Continue reading

white chocolate and almond cookies

Hi everyone! I hope you are well. Today, I am bringing a great cookie recipe! I found this recipe as I was working in Madrid. We use to serve those cookies at my pop-up restaurant with coffee (lucky guests!) and OMG, how many could we eat in the kitchen…?? A lot! If I did not … Continue reading

Pumpkin Harvest

From the garden to my table: I love this concept and I am quite lucky because since we moved to Frankfurt, I’m closer to my family and to my family’s vegetable garden! So, I can enjoy the great products they cultivate. Last weekend we went there and we brought some pumpkins. So, now is the … Continue reading

pomegranate and fennel salad

The pomegranate is back on our shelves! No long story about pomegranate, I just love how this fruit can cheer up our fall and winter salad! This is probably the first of a long list of recipes for pomegranate. I hope you like it: Pomegranate and Fennel Salad Serves 6: 2 pomegranates 2 fennels 100g … Continue reading

herbs and spices in the jam

Herbs and spices in a jam? Since when? Well, since I found out about Lemon Bird, an artisan food company in Southern California who make fabulous jams creating unique flavors and combinations. I was very exited about this idea and I wanted to try. But as you know, I live far far away from California, so I decided … Continue reading

Cozy breakfast: Brioche

Fall is here and with it comes cocooning times, and cozy breakfasts on the weekend. In bed or not: it’s up to you! I wanted to share with you this recipe. It comes perfect for the weekend. You just need a few ingredients to prepare a delicious breakfast for your home. Beware: it takes only … Continue reading

Last rhubarb cake of the summer

Last week, my parents came to Frankfurt to visit me. They arrived with the arms full of farm and garden products! I moved to Frankfurt not long ago and I don’t know yet where to find great products; so this kind of gift is like a treasure! In the basket, they brought me the last … Continue reading


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