Hi, Here we are, this is the last recipe of this Special Chocolate Week. I hope you enjoyed! I promise you more Special weeks! I have already ideas for the spring time! As it should be, we are finishing with the best: the MACARONS AU CHOCOLAT. But I have to confess: this recipe is not … Continue reading


Hi, A white chocolate recipe, I thought there had to be one, and I found this recipe interesting  with this lime and rum touch! Plus, coconut and lime combine very well. I already have a recipe with this combination of flavors: the Rochers Coco. It makes your sweets very fresh and light. Even my father … Continue reading


Hi, Want more chocolate? No worries, we have still 3 recipes to discover! In the last two weeks I baked a lot to prepare this special week. That was a pleasure to bake and eat those pastries, but this week I feel frustrated: all those pictures, all the recipes, but nothing in my kitchen any … Continue reading


Good morning, The first time I flipped through the Larousse du Chocolat by Pierre Hermé, this simple recipe caught my eyes. Baking homemade Sprits  tempted me. After trying it for the first time I could not believe how such a simple recipe could be so delicate and good. Plus, they are lovely with their W shape. … Continue reading


Hi everyone! This week we are beginning with something new on Limeandcream: the “Special Weeks”! Chocolate seems to be a good topic for it, don’t you think? As I said, I have a book from Pierre Hermé, this amazing Pastry Chef; but since I have started writing on this blog I haven’t shared one… what … Continue reading


Hi, A good news to finish well this week! I have prepared a SPECIAL CHOCOLATE WEEK! From Monday 24th to Friday 28th: 5 recipes by Pierre Hermé! Who is he? Pierre Hermé is one of the best pastry chef in the world, the “Picasso of the pastry” according to Vogue Magazine! At home I have a … Continue reading

Christmas recipe: crunchy sesame chocolate

Hi everyone! For Christmas I recommend this nice chocolate recipe: it’s delicious and I love the way it looks! You can present it like a mini cake or like candies. Tell me:  what are you used to cook and bake for Christmas time? Do you usually have a  baking session with your friends or family? … Continue reading

christmas recipe: Candied orange /orangette

Hi! How was the first weekend of December? Did you go to the Christmas market? Have you decorated your house? Did you buy the first gift? In my case, I only had time to decorate the apartment. I will go to the Christmas market this week to have a glass of Glühwein (German mulled wine). … Continue reading

Coulant au chocolat

Hello, sorry that I missed my post yesterday! I would like to post every Tuesday and Thursday but this week is going crazy (but for good! I have some surprises and ideas for  next month!). Do you mind if today I bring another chocolate recipe?? I’m sure not ;) As I told you in a … Continue reading


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