PARIS-BREST (Conticini’s version)

Hi, As French classic, I had to try it. But I wanted to try the luxurious version: Philippe Conticini’s version! Have you ever been to his bakery la patisserie des rêves in Paris? I didn’t but I definitely have to go next time I’ll be in Paris! The original Paris-Brest is a circular shape choux (puff) pastry … Continue reading


Hi, Want more chocolate? No worries, we have still 3 recipes to discover! In the last two weeks I baked a lot to prepare this special week. That was a pleasure to bake and eat those pastries, but this week I feel frustrated: all those pictures, all the recipes, but nothing in my kitchen any … Continue reading


Hi everyone! This week we are beginning with something new on Limeandcream: the “Special Weeks”! Chocolate seems to be a good topic for it, don’t you think? As I said, I have a book from Pierre Hermé, this amazing Pastry Chef; but since I have started writing on this blog I haven’t shared one… what … Continue reading


Hi! Here we are: valentine’s day! Are you ready? Have you bought or prepared a gift? Commercial or not, we cannot escape from this celebration. If you plan to organize a dinner at home to celebrate, or just because you cannot say no to a dessert, here comes an easy and quick recipe but delicious … Continue reading


Hi, What is the most famous traditional French dessert??? I am sure, 80% of you would say: the CRÈME BRÛLEE! (I would say that too!) You may not believe that but it’s not my favorite (because of the milk), but recently I have been cooking new versions of it: lavender or rosemary honey and… do … Continue reading

Choux à la crème

Hello! Another classic of French cuisine and my grandfather’s favorite dessert: les choux à la crème!! And figure out: with the chou dough you can also prepare éclairs, chouquettes, gougères, profiteroles and religieuses!! Ingredients for the dough (24 pieces): 250ml water 100g butter 50g sugar 1 pinch salt 125g flour 4 eggs Instructions for the … Continue reading

Very Raspberry

Hello, can you still find raspberries on your local market? I hope so because you have to try this recipe!! Two weeks ago I could do this recipe with the last raspberries from my parents’ garden. If not, no worries because you can use frozen raspberries or raspberry purée. Another recipe from my mother. In addition to being a … Continue reading

Rochers Coco

I would like to inaugurate the Recipe Videos section with a bit of exoticism, a bit a fresh! I love it! This recipe comes from a Spanish friend, a great pastry Chef ( For 72 pieces (you can freeze them): 100g egg whites (3 egg whites) 130 g sugar 165g grated coconut 20g rum Lemon … Continue reading

Last rhubarb cake of the summer

Last week, my parents came to Frankfurt to visit me. They arrived with the arms full of farm and garden products! I moved to Frankfurt not long ago and I don’t know yet where to find great products; so this kind of gift is like a treasure! In the basket, they brought me the last … Continue reading


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